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Our Newsletter

One of the primary goals of the Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association is to provide education to fellow ferret owners. Ferrets are unique pets and have unique personalities and needs. While in recent years many good sources of information have been emerging, there still are many people who know little about ferrets and their care. To help educate, we have developed a number of brochures and information sheets to distribute to ferret owners. This website is also a major tool in our efforts to educate. For those interested in ongoing information, we offer the "PFRA of Centre County Newsletter" for ferret owners. We do approximately 2 - 4 issues per year.

The PFRA Newsletter is a twelve-page black-and-white newsletter which covers topics ranging from news, ferret care, legalization issues, medical issues, and helpful hints. We also gladly publish stories and articles written by our readers, in the interest of making our publication more of a forum for our readers rather than just a source of information. Some of the items you will find in every issue are:

  • Adorable photographs
  • A "Medical Issue of the Month" feature
  • Shelter-related issues, including event notices
  • An updated ferret show and event listing
  • "Adoption Alley" feature, introducing ferrets for adoption by the PFRA
  • Useful and informative articles related to the safe and responsible care of ferrets
  • And much more!

The PFRA Newsletter is not geared toward any particular audience other than the obvious: ferret owners and fanciers. Articles are thorough in their topics, but are of interest to both the beginning and experienced ferret owner. The PFRA Newsletter is also not restricted to Pennsylvanians; most articles are universally geared toward all ferret owners despite their location. However, there are some items of interest specifically to Pennsylvanians, particularly when advertising for local ferret events, PFRA events, club notes (when available), and ferrets for adoption from the PFRA.

The PFRA Newsletter is available from the PFRA for a subscription fee of $20.00 for 4 issues. This subscription fee covers production and mailing costs; any proceeds over and above these costs go directly to our PFRA Medical Fund. This fund has been set up to provide the monetary resources needed in being able to give our Rescue ferrets the very best in medical care. This money is used to vaccinate all incoming ferrets for rabies and distemper, provide any medical care that incoming ferrets are in need of, and to cover emergency medical care such as surgeries, medications, and any other veterinary care that our Rescues may need while in our care. If you are interested in receiving a complementary issue of our newsletter to review before you decide to subscribe, e-mail us with your name, postal address, and the names and ages of your ferrets (if any). Indicate as your subject heading "Complimentary Newsletter Issue." You should receive your issue in approximately two weeks.

Give the PFRA Newsletter a try! You'll be receiving excellent information to keep your furries happy and healthy, and our Rescue ferrets will benefit at the same time.



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